Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your MOQs? (Minimum Order Quantity)

Our MOQ for standard apparels are 60 pieces per colour per design (up to 3 size) and an order MOQ of 240 pieces - with exceptions for small items such as undergarments.

For more sizes, the MOQ will be adjusted accordingly at 20 pieces per size - 80 pieces for 4 sizes, 100 pieces for 5 sizes.
Can your MOQ be lowered?

Our MOQ is the lowest possible for our operations.

For any lower MOQ, please do reach out to local seamstresses to assist you.
What do I need to get a quotation?

To get a proper quotation - do let us have a good idea of the design, quantity, material, number of colours or number of prints.

Please note that the unit cost of an apparel in an individual 240 piece order would be more costly compared to the unit cost of 240 pieces in a 960 piece collection due to scope and scale.

It would also be recommended if you could share your production budget for the quantity you are looking at so we will be able to give you a fairly straightforward answer if it's achievable on our end.
How are your pricing structured?

Our quotation costs are calculated according to:

Garment Cost = ( Fabric Meters Required x Fabric Price per Meters ) + CMT ( Production )
  • Fabric Price - varies according to quality, origin and quantity
  • CMT Price - varies according to design complexity and quantity
Please note that the unit cost of an apparel in an individual 240 piece order would be more costly than the unit cost of 240 pieces in a 960 piece collection due to scope and scale.
What does CMT stand for?

CMT is an acronym for Cut, Make, Trims - essentially the work required to produce a garment.
  • CUT - the fabric is cut into shape of the patterns
  • MAKE - the different sewing steps required for assembly
  • TRIM - garment is trimmed, checked and packed for shipment
What does your quotation includes?

Your quotation includes the fabric (prints, dyed, treatments), haberdashery (buttons, zips, buckles), sewing of the garment, packing in a clear plastic and delivery to your destination.

Custom clothing label tags, custom haberdashery and custom packaging (cards, ziplocs, poly-mailers, boxes) are a separate cost.
Do you have any pricing examples?

Yes we do - please engage our chatbot by leaving your email and it will send you the pricelist or you can contact us here.

Our chatbot is fully automated and not monitored by our team, your email is required for the bot to send you the email document.
Can the price per unit be lowered?

Generally custom orders at our minimum MOQ is not cheap due to the work and effort required being spread over a small batch of garments. Purchasing small batches of fabrics together with preparations (dyes, prints, treatments) and shipment is costly so it all adds up.

The only guaranteed way to reduce prices is quantity, quantity and quantity.

Alternatively if you're not looking into custom-made or designed garments, you can look into white-label products (blogshops) or drop-shipping (single product shipments direct from factory) but these would be a different scope from our clientele.
Do you accept Sewing (CMT-only) orders?

Unfortunately we do not accept CMT-only or relabelling orders.
Do you sell white-label clothing?

No - all our apparel production is custom made for each order.
What are your Sampling Fee?

We do not work on Sample-only orders, please do approach local seamstresses if you're still exploring your ideas and I'm sure they will be happy to assist you.

We will be able to work with the samples you have done externally with other parties when you are ready to move into production with us.
Will my samples be made in my colours?

Samples will be made in either stock colours or printed on white fabric.

Samples will not be made in custom dyed colours - as we would need to purchase the dye lot.

Alternatively, you can put down the pre-production deposit for us to purchase the dye lot and have the samples done in your custom dyed colours.
What are the timeline involved?

Sampling generally takes 2-3 weeks while Production takes 6-9 weeks.

Please note that these duration are for sewing work and excludes fabric preparation (dyeing, printing, treatments), shipping and custom clearances.

Timeline only commences when Sampling or Pre-production deposits are received and technical details (tech pack, patterns, grading) are approved by you.

Be aware of peak periods (production aiming for Christmas, CNY, Boutique Fairs, Sale Events, etc) as well.

What are the payment terms?

Our payments are broken into 3 (three) main parts.

Sample Deposit (20%)
- Sample Fabric Purchase
- Technical Details (tech pack, patterns, grading)
- Sample Piece

Pre-production Deposit (40%)
- Bulk Fabric Purchase
- Bulk Production

Balance Payment (40%)
- Payment for the rest of the order to be made within Delivery Date + 7 days.
- Do check and raise queries with your account manager within this timeframe.

Your progress is also gated by the different payments - e.g. we will not move into production until the pre-production deposit is received.
Where are the apparels manufactured?

Samples are done in either Singapore or Vietnam depending on our workload and production is primarily done in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
When will I get the garments?

Bulk production only commences when you approve the sample pieces for production - this depends on the design, iteration and alteration process (Sampling stage) which varies for each client and collection.

Your account manager will only be able to give you a clearer date to receive your production goods when you decide to move into production.

Please do not plan events, rent office spaces or engage marketing agencies when you have neither approve any production nor paid the pre-production deposit. We are not responsible for timeline not communicated by our team.
Are my fabrics guaranteed for my collection order?

We typically purchase fabrics in two batches - a small sample batch and the bulk production batch.

Fabric stocks (including stock colours) do run out occasionally so fabrics for your order is subjected to availability. Your account manager will advice you accordingly on the fabric status of your collection when we are informed by our partners.

There is also an option for you to put down the pre-production deposit earlier to purchase your fabric and store them in our warehouses for production. We do not purchase the bulk fabric until the pre-production deposit is received.
What happens if my production goods are not acceptable?

We have quality checks in place both in Singapore and Vietnam to ensure your production goods are done proper.

Products that are not up to the agreed upon technical details or sample will be rectified and replaced.

We also do not required full payment before receipt of goods (which is the industry standard) so you do have Delivery + 7 days to ensure everything is in good standing.
Can I arrange a meeting in your studio?

Due to the limited appointment slots we have every week - we are not able to accommodate every meeting - please do prepare a deck/images along with other relevant information on what you're trying to achieve for your brand.

We can then review the information you have sent over to see if we will be able to assist you for your collection.

Please note that you just have to send over reference for us to understand the fabrics (composition, custom prints or dyes) and construction complexity of each design - you do not have to send over your actual designs if you are not comfortable.

Once you're ready, you can make an appointment with us for a discussion and browse through our apparel samples and fabric library by contacting us here. Please do bring along any fabric or garments you are looking at as reference so we will have a better idea and will be able to assist you better.
Can you help me if I'm not fashion trained?

No problem at all, as a fashion-trained account manager will be assigned to your brand or collection - as long as they can understand what you're looking for - they will be able to help you bring your vision to life.
Where are your fabrics sourced?

We have a wide range of fabrics from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia - depending on your budget and preferences, our team will be able to recommend their use in your collection accordingly.
Can you source fabrics for me?

We are able to source fabrics for you at a fee of SGD 250 per fabric - these sourcing fees will be refunded when you move into production.
Are your production workshops ethincal?

Our sewing workforce and partners are paid well over the minimum wage monitored by the Vietnamese Government under Decree #90/2019/ND-CP for labour contracts with standard working hours and overtime pay along with a strict anti-discrimination policy and no child labour practices.

For more information, you can read more about our company and what we are doing here.
Can you sign an NDA before I send you anything?

We do not sign any Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for prospective clients.

NDA (for your designs or patterns) can be signed when we move into a collection order but it will lapse when the garment is available for sale as we cannot prevent deconstruction or replication in the public market.

Please note that the NDA we sign are very specific (designs, patterns and artwork that are very specific or identifiable to you or your brand) - e.g. we don't sign NDAs for generic patterns.

We understand that there are companies who sign NDA indiscreminately - mainly because they have no doubt you can't enforce them - but that's just not who we are.
What are the brands you have worked with?

Fashion brands tend to not disclose who their manufacturing partners are so we are not at liberty to do so. However we do have some past projects found in our website so you can take references from there if you recognize them.
Do you ship internationally?

No worries - our shipping partners will be able to handle your goods proper - just note that the terms of delivery are DAP instead of DDP for our Singapore-based clients.
What if I'm located overseas?

We have no problems interacting with our clients virtually, but to aid us better - we have an upcoming Fashion Business Starter Kit (FBSK) that we will be launching in collaboration with our regional fabric partners that will be able to bring us closer.