Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our clients to produce your desired products.

Regardless of any service, our dedication and support team for each client remains the same.
Sourcing Network
The initial process of conceptualising, visualisation and translating ideas into tangible designs that capture style, functionality, and brand identity.

We would absolutely love to meet up at any of studios globally for you to be acquainted with the team, view and select from our range of curated materials or just to meet up and chat.

We believe in creating a solid foundation with all of our clients.

An Estimated Quote will be shared prior to you committing any finances to ensure each project is within your budget.
Our team loves design and the opportunity to create and develop together creative yet functional designs that uniquely embodies your brand’s vision and identity.

This phase involves brainstorming, sharing references and exchanging ideas with you to understand your design concepts, requirements and target audience.
Create unique & personalized designs together that embodies your brand
Prints & Patterns design
Ensure designs are market ready

We’re targeting to launch our proprietary AI technology this year, with features such as being able to look ahead and identify trends based on your target audience. Stay in touch to get notified!
Technical Packs are detailed visual representations serving as a blueprint that communicates precise measurements, selected material, construction details and specifications for each design.

Design Manager allows every detail of each technical pack to be viewed and saved securely wherever you are.

Concurrently we’re targeting to launch our own proprietary 3D engine to ensure accurate and detailed technical packs this year.
A curated library of materials & haberdashery sourced by us through our global network.
Custom made options available
Specific properties
Various sustainable options with certification
Certificate of Origin

Our material library is available for viewing at all of our studios globally or can be requested to be delivered to you at your preferred location, connect with us to find out more.
Sourcing Network
With our extensive global network we have the privilege of partnering with various suppliers and vendors, enabling access to diverse materials, components and the latest technology.

All of our partners are curated by us through rigorous requirements ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness and flexibility in our supply chain.

Our diverse network allows us to meet your custom requests as well.

Connect with us here if you have any custom requests.
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