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We make developing and producing your desired products seamless, reliable and efficient.
Every order ensures a comprehensive and detailed roadmap planned uniquely for you.
Detailed process
All data can be viewed & stored securely on Design Manager

Dedicated support team throughout


This phase involves brainstorming, sharing your initial sketches or references and to ensure everything can be achieved with us.

We would love to meet up at any of studios globally for you to be acquainted with the team, view our range of curated products and materials or just to meet up and chat.

We believe in creating a solid foundation with all of our clients.

An Estimated Quote will be shared based on your final selection of designs and materials to ensure its within your budget prior to committing any finances.

Technical Packs

Technical Packs are detailed visual representations serving as a blueprint that communicates precise measurements, materials, construction details and specifications for each design.

All technical packs are stored securely on Design Manager.
Universal template
Included for all product types
No language barrier
Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Upon your approval of the technical packs, our sample team will then translate the designs into physical prototypes by creating accurate patterns with our 3D engines and piecing them meticulously together, ensuring a high standard of craftsmanship.
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Sample Revision

It’s never easy to get it right the first time as samples may undergo multiple iterations due to rigorous fit and evaluations. However enabling revisions to be simple to achieve the desired standards held by you is what we aim to do.
Timeline: 2-3 weeks


Upon approval of samples and details of each product, we transform raw materials into finished pieces through a series of steps. Combining the use of both laser cutting machines and hand-cutting tools for accuracy and precision for each component to be assembled meticulously.

We offer various forms of certifications from organizations that uphold the highest industry standards if required. View some of the certifications here.

Connect with us for more info.
Timeline: 4-10 weeks

Quality Control

The finished pieces go through a quality control check to ensure they are ready for sale with no extra work needed from your end.

The finished pieces can be custom packaged and labeled with relevant information to facilitate inventory management and distribution prior to delivery to you.

Connect with us to find out more

Shipping & Delivery

We provide different options such as air and sea freight, or a combination of these modes to fit your needs.

We are able to facilitate the delivery and imports of your products to most countries, contact us to find out more.
Timeline: 1 - 6 weeks

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